TS-CT Woven Roll Wrapped Carbon Tube (0°/90°)

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TS-CT are woven roll wrapped carbon tubes that are laid in 0°/90°. These tubes are suitable for a wide range of applications including bicycles frames, UAVs, quad-copters, automation, leisure equipment, motor-sport and etc.

Our tubes comes from range of 6mm(OD) to 32mm(OD), with 1mm wall thickness, length of 1 meter; if your required dimensions did not fall into this range, you may contact us to let us know your needs.

Additional information

Outer Diameter(OD)/ Inner Diameter(ID)

OD: 6mm/ID: 4mm, OD: 7mm/ID: 5mm, OD: 8mm/ID: 6mm, OD: 9mm/ID: 7mm, OD: 10mm/ID: 8mm, OD: 11mm/ID: 9mm, OD:12mm/ID:10mm, OD: 13mm/ID: 11mm, OD: 14mm/ID: 12mm, OD:15mm/ID: 13mm, OD: 16mm/ID: 14mm, OD: 18mm/ID: 16mm, OD: 19mm/ID: 17mm, OD: 20mm/ID: 18mm, OD: 22mm/ID: 20mm, OD: 23mm/ID: 21mm, OD: 24mm/ID: 22mm, OD: 25mm/ID: 23mm, OD: 26mm/ID: 24mm, OD: 27mm/ID: 25mm, OD: 28mm/ID: 26mm, OD: 29mm/ID: 27mm, OD: 30mm/ID: 28mm, OD: 31mm/ID: 29mm, OD: 32mm/ID: 30mm


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