TS-BCS300 Breather Cloth (Loose Sheets)


TS-BCS300 is a 300gsm non-woven 100% polyester felt fabric suitable to be used a bleeder/breather cloth, used to maintain airpath across the whole laminate during wetlay-ups vacuum-bagging process or with prepregs during de-bulking and curing. The maximum operating temperature is at 180°C.


Bleeder/Breather cloth such as TS-BCS is commonly used to ensure complete evacuation of air from within a vacuum bag or to absorb excess resin from a laminate or serve as both purposes for vacuum-bagging a wet-lay part. It can also be used to place at the back of the molds to make them less likely to puncture a vacuum bag during ‘envelope’ bagging of whole mold.


This TS-BCS breather fabric is available to buy as per square meter or in 100 meters per roll with the roll width of 1.5m.